Product updates

Introducing Member Kitchens

The white label meal planning and community app

Member Kitchens is a white-label meal planning software, which means that we take care of all the techy stuff so that you can launch your own recipe and meal planning app in minutes without coding or spending a fortune on development.

But before we get into the details, it’s important to know why we started it…

Why did we start Member Kitchens?

It began back in 2019 when Liam wrote an article titled "How I Built an app Without Writing a Line of Code". In the weeks following, he received messages from health coaches, wellness influencers, and more, asking if we could build them an app just like it.

As we spoke to them, we noticed something – they were all struggling with the same problems, like:

1) Personalized meal planning can be time consuming, making it difficult to stay on top of things, get a regular income, and even leading to burnout;

2) Existing tools made the first problem worse, by forcing them to over-engineer meal plans and then relying on them to make edits for people;

3) Existing tools also carried another company’s branding, not theirs, in a time when online branding is more important than ever;

4) Their customers were asking for features that they couldn’t offer — because their tools were mostly designed for private practices, not groups.

And to make things even worse, the alternative — building a custom app — was (and still is) expensive, time consuming, and risky.

So, we set out to build a meal planner that solves these problems, and that’s how Member Kitchens was born.

How is Member Kitchens different?

Member Kitchens is built to let you focus on your community and your business: anything but trying to be your own IT support desk. It’s designed to be easy to use. It matches the way your customers actually plan and shop, instead of building a rigid structure that will fail at the first busy evening. If your customers have particular dietary needs, recipes can be altered easily. And users are in the driving seat, so you’re not forced to update everything manually.

Personalized meal planning with your users in control

Our mission is to put your users in control, giving them the tools to help themselves, and freeing up you to do what you do best: serving your community. How?

You create a recipe or meal plan once, and share it with 100, 1000, or 10,000 people in just a few clicks. Individuals can then login to your app and personalize it to meet their needs: swapping a recipe, adjusting serving sizes, removing breakfast recipes, and more. Meaning you won’t be stuck making updates to meal plans anymore!

Reimagined for how people actually plan and shop

Working closely with nutritionists, health coaches, fitness trainers, and more, we redesigned meal planning from the ground up. For example, instead of rigid day-by-day schedules that you see in most meal planning tools, we give people the option of having a simple list of recipes.

Plus, a ton of other features to make the shopping and cooking easy, like interactive shopping lists and printable PDFs.

To your users, this is your app

In just a few clicks you can add your name, logo, color scheme, and customize the app to suit your needs. Your users won’t see anyone else’s recipes, content, or branding.

We take care of the tech for you

You can create your app in under five minutes with Member Kitchens. There are no upfront development costs or long wait times, and we take care of any technical issues and product updates. And if you have an existing membership website or plugin, you can use integrations to automatically invite users to your Member Kitchens without any manual effort.

In summary

Simple, effective meal planning is hugely important for health and wellbeing practitioners, and their customers. But DIY efforts are too difficult for users. Most available apps are poorly designed and don’t work well, leaving users with more restrictions but no more control. And they leave you with more work to do, not less.

We believe we can do better.

Member Kitchens lets you create a branded app in minutes, then distribute it immediately to your users. Populate it with your recipes, manage it centrally, and leave your users to control their day-to-day meal planning. Try Member Kitchens today or contact us to learn more.