MealPro App is now Member Kitchens

Empowering food related influencers

Why the new name?

That's a great question, and it really boils down to two things:

  1. "MealPro" (without "App") is used by a meal delivery service and I'd like to avoid any confusion in the marketplace.
  2. I'd like to broaden the scope of the brand beyond meal planning.  More on that below.

Tell me more about this new brand. 📣

Thanks for asking!

My vision for Member Kitchens is simple...Empower food related influencers.  In providing you with branded tools to monetize your base of followers, I view us as partners.  Hopefully anything I do, helps you bring more value to your members.

Member Kitchens will grow from a meal planning app, into a gathering place for your members. Recipes and meal plans will always be a big part of that, but the true value is in an engaged community.  And what better place for members to gather, than the kitchen!

Much like our kitchens at home, I want YOUR member kitchen to be uniquely yours, so I'm looking forward to providing you with more options in styling to match your personal choices.

And lastly, a quick nod to Liam, who brought MealPro App to the market, and gave it a healthy place to grow. Growing into Member Kitchens could not have happened without his vision early on.