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How a registered dietitian's subscription is simplifying healthy eating

Introducing Ann Kent from Peas & Hoppiness

Ann is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and founder of Peas & Hoppiness - a subscription meal planning service teaching people how to listen to their bodies and intuitively nourish themselves.

Ann’s journey started in clinical work after obtaining her Master Degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Upon discovering the disconnect between people, food, and nutrition, Ann began teaching people how to cook and prepare healthy food via her blog, Peas & Hoppiness.

How things used to be

In the early days of Peas & Hoppiness, Ann was using Microsoft Publisher and MyFitnessPal to string together her recipes.

Later, she migrated to That Clean Life to simplify the process but learned that many recipes used obscure or low-quality ingredients so she wasn’t able to use them, or needed to completely rewrite them.

Plus, her customers were asking to be able to save recipes and search for older ones, but that wasn't possible because they were in PDF format.

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Ann considered partnering with her brother to custom build her own platform, but the time and resources it would take away from his day job meant it wasn’t feasible.

Then, Ann tried a course platform (Kajabi) with a membership feature to see if that could solve the problem, but that didn’t work either.

“I rolled that out and it was very disappointing. Long story short, it didn’t have the functionality and didn’t solve the problem. It wasn’t very functional.”

Ann was spending 20 hours/week just making her meal plans on top of everything else, and things quickly got overwhelming.

Member Kitchens was Ann's solution

Ann finally discovered Member Kitchens in a Facebook group for dietitians while on the hunt for a white-label meal planning platform.

Switching to Member Kitchens meant that Ann’s customers were able to:

  • Search recipes and save their favorites.
  • Adjust and tweak meal plans to their liking, for example, swapping recipes and adjusting servings.
  • Get a personalized shopping list based on the changes they make to their meal plan.
  • Access their recipes and meal planning lessons on their newly-launched mobile app.

Peas & Hoppiness today…

Ann is now able to better coach her customers through developing habits that are critical to adopt healthy meal planning and nourishment practices over a long period.

Instead of giving her customers a diet, her goal is to help them understand how to listen to their bodies and intuitively nourish themselves.

She offers her meal planning membership at an accessible price point of $15/month, a small amount compared to the money intentional eating saves her customers each month.

Ann now feels confident marketing her membership too.

“I feel like I finally have the product that I’ve been wanting to sell.”

Ann's users love her subscription too

Here's what a few of her subscribers had to say:

"The Meal Guides have made my meal planning easier, more structured, and decreased the stress of spending time in the kitchen or not knowing what to cook."
"Wow! I just downloaded the new Peas and Hoppiness app to my iPad. It's amazing! Everything is so streamlined!"
"This has helped by simplifying planning, portion control, and trying new foods. They've changed my day-to-day life because I enjoy cooking more."

The goal

Ann’s primary goal is to continually grow her membership, help more people, and spend time with her family. In her words:

“If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d be doing the same thing tomorrow that I’m doing today. I just love it so much. It’s fun. I get to create things. I get to explore my passions and use so many different part of my brain to do this. I feel very lucky to be in this place.”

Take Member Kitchens for a spin?

You can try Member Kitchens for free or contact us to get answers to your questions, and find out how you can start and grow your own meal planning subscription.