Product updates

Product update: PDF's and videos via the Pantry

Pantry PDF's, videos and more!

Before today, the only content you could offer your members was Recipes and Meal plans, along with Posts on the activity feed. I've heard often that you want to be able to offer other supporting content.

In comes the Pantry, which is a new main navigation section within the app for you to host various content like PDF's, videos or text only articles. It even includes a rich text editor so you can compose beautifully formatted text!  Plus, you can rename the Pantry to something else, like Library!

It is disabled by default, so head over to your App station to get started.

App station > Pantry

More info on The Pantry

Video pricing

With the expanded use of videos within Posts, Recipes, and now Pantry items, I'm including 50 free videos on the Launch plan, and 150 free videos for Growth.  Beyond that, each video uploaded into your app will be $1.00/month.

I've checked everybody's usage, and everybody is within the free limits to date.

Recipe printing and permissions

Users can now download (and thus print) a single recipe from each recipe page.  The format is the same as they appear on a Meal plan export.

I've also added the ability to disable entirely the exporting of recipes. Disabling recipe export will remove the option to include recipes on Meal plan export, as well as remove the option to download a single recipe.

App station > Recipes