Product updates

Product update: Recipe editing improvements🥫

We've made a few changes to make it easier to import, edit and display your recipes this month. Details below:

Choose the servings label 🏷️

You can now select the label you use for recipe servings. So, instead of just servings, you can select "loaf" or "cake" instead (e.g. 1 loaf or 2 cakes). We plan to add more labels too.

Ounces will stay in ounces🥫

A popular request. If you write something like "29 oz can" then we will no longer convert this to "1.8 lb can" - it will stay in the original unit that you selected when creating the recipe. This applies to other units too.

The only time it will change is if the user changes the measurement system and we have to convert between metric and US imperial.

Bulk recipe import v3.0 🔎

We've also made some updates to the WP Recipe Maker import process to better understand units of measure and ensure accuracy.

Got questions?

If you still have questions or need help, then get in touch.