Product updates

Product update: Rich mobile and more!

I'm really excited about the updates that have gone in recently!  Here's a quick list of some little items that were released over the last few weeks:

  • New languages: German and Afrikaans
  • Zapier: Option to suspend users at a future date
  • PDF: Improved wrapping for those long lists
  • Option to redirect users upon logout
  • Redirect your home page to an external site
  • Improved support for iOS 17
  • Prep ahead bug fixes
  • Optionally display only 1 of your pricing plans on the sales page
  • iPad display improvements

Beautiful mobile views from your browser 📱

The immersive mobile views from the mobile app have been brought over to the web!  Now all users will get that rich experience no matter how they access your content.

Mobile navigation

Mobile users now get a mobile app experience with the most common navigation always available!

Desktop recipe preview

For desktop users, the recipe now opens a preview popup which allows users to quickly have a look at a recipe without losing their place in a meal plan, recipe search, etc.  I've maintained the expanded view as an option as well.

Admin options

Site admins have additional options from the recipe preview.

Special thanks to Elaine Miller for suggesting the side-by-side preparation section which allows users to toggle between the ingredients and steps! Everybody keep those requests flowing in!

Performance ⚡

With all the growth of your user bases, it was time to up the horsepower of the servers to make sure requests are served as fast as possible. Caching of recipes and meal plans has also been added so users will have that nice in-app feeling of immediate views.

What's on my mind? 🤔

PWA's, and they'll be here before you know it.

What is a PWA? In short, it is a way for users to load your app onto their device (icon on their home screen), without using the app stores.  Much, much more in the next update...Stay tuned!


Soon you'll have the option of offering a Freemium service allowing users to try your web app before purchasing a premium subscription.

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