Case studies

How Taylor scaled from zero to $2k/month with Member Kitchens

Introducing Taylor Stinson from The Girl On Bloor

Taylor, then a full-time office worker, started The Girl On Bloor as a hobby in 2014. From restaurant hopping to reviewing the menu, she began creating healthy meal prep recipes for her busy audience.

Taylor focused on meal and ingredient prepping and things she could teach her growing audience to simplify healthy meals and save money.

The food blogger’s dilemma

Taylor knew how time-consuming it was to cook daily healthy meals. To combat this time sink, Taylor started prepping ingredients before cooking her meals. Time saved meant more time working on her blog.

Realizing that ingredient prepping and meal planning could help her busy audience as much as it helped her, Taylor launched her own online course to teach others too.

But, there are problems with online courses…

  • Courses take a long time to produce (Taylor’s took nearly a year)
  • At $200, the course price was expensive and many couldn’t afford it
  • She only made 50 sales per launch
  • Courses are high maintenance and required Taylor to make constant updates

In an effort to diversify, Taylor thought of putting together a membership site but it was too overwhelming to create it from scratch (not to mention uber expensive).

And that’s when Taylor stumbled across a new, promising solution: Member Kitchens.

Member Kitchens was Taylor’s solution

As a food blogger, Member Kitchens was Taylor’s secret sidekick to managing and sharing her recipe content in a way that was scalable and produced passive income for her.

Using Member Kitchens, Taylor was able to upload and repurpose all of her past content without manually creating any more PDFs and easily maintain her recipe base, ensuring it’s always up to date.

As for Taylor’s customers, they were now able to keep organized and stay on top of their healthy food goals.

Here's how Taylor uses Member Kitchens

  • Subscribers receive a weekly email.
  • In the email is the link to a newly uploaded meal plan and instructions on how they can further customize their plan like changing the serving size or swapping recipes.
  • The app auto-populates their shopping list so subscribers know which products to buy for the week, saving her customers money by only purchasing food items they need.

And it’s working wonders for Taylor

Taylor launched her Dinner Prep Pro subscription to the tune of 300 brand new monthly paying customers.

Let’s crunch some numbers...

Taylor’s average subscription value is $8/month. With 300 new paying customers, that’s $2,400 per month!

That's over $2,000 in recurring revenue in just six weeks of joining Member Kitchens with little promotional work.

Taylor’s users love her new subscription model

As Taylor puts it: “People love it. There wasn't any negative feedback".

And some of her subscribers had this to say:

"I love the app so far. I've learned so much taking your meal prep boot camp, and now I'm using your app. It's really helping us to eat at home more, eat healthier meals and save money instead of always eating takeout."
"Just prepped my first week and loving it. So far, I've used other systems like my excel sheet and more put-together excel sheets, but yours takes out all the extra work and is far more seamless than other websites I've tried, too."

The goal

Taylor’s next goal is to hit 800 monthly subscribers allowing her to hire another full-time employee to build up and scale.

Ultimately, Taylor’s drive is to provide a simple and convenient way for people to follow through on their meal prep and nutrition goals.

Take Member Kitchens for a spin?

You can try Member Kitchens for free or contact us to get answers to your questions, and find out how you can start and grow your own meal planning subscription.