How much should you charge for a meal planning membership?

We often get asked: "How much do other people charge for their membership?" so we figured we'd share our response in this post.

Here’s what we say:

In our experience, a typical price can range from $5 to $20 per month (USD) per subscriber with discounts for longer commitments (e.g. 20% off an annual plan).

The more specialist your advice and support, the more you can probably charge. For example, if you help people manage a chronic health condition or focus on a specific diet type.

Likewise, if you’ll spend hours interacting with members and provide tons of additional content, then you can probably charge more than someone who provides less.

As an example – in our recent webinar, food blogger The Girl On Bloor revealed that they launched their subscription at $8 per month, offering recipes, meal plans and prep ahead checklists, and grew to 300 members in just six weeks.

Another example – Peas and Hoppiness offers dietician-approved recipes, seasonal meal guides, community support, and weekly check-ins via Facebook Live at $15 per month. It's a bit more involved, so they charge a bit more.

What’s right for you?

Unfortunately, pricing is tough – I know it is for me.

So, you need to test it.

The simplest way is to pick a price that feels palatable for you and your customers.

Then, if lots of people sign-up and never question the price, try increasing it for new joiners and see what impact it has on the conversion rate.

On the flip side, if you get lots of traffic but not many sign-ups, you could try reducing it slightly or running a promotional offer.

(Side note: I always recommend speaking to a few people before reducing your prices to understand why they didn’t sign-up. It might not be price.)

Gradually you’ll find a sweet spot.

After that, you can start thinking about upsells, downsells, tripwires, and other ways to optimize your sales process… but that’s for another day!

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